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Global community
We, the EliClass team, work so that everyone who desires to learn a foreign language had an opportunity do it. We do our best to make the learning process pleasant and productive.

We offer you a splendid opportunity to study with real people – you will be taught by a native speaker, and people from all over the world will become your groupmates! It goes without saying that learning is much easier and more exciting if you do it in a company of like-minded people, who share your wish to learn a foreign language.

You’ll be able to study with EliClass from any place in the world. All you need to enter our virtual classroom is an Internet access. Study a foreign language at home, during your vacation or travelling - anywhere and anytime!

EliClass offers you a chance to learn from the best teachers from all over the world at an affordable price. We thoroughly choose our teachers – native speakers, who have proved their ability to teach.

Our goal is to make learning a foreign language available and exciting for everyone!

Global Community!


It’s been long known that communication is the key to learning a foreign language successfully. We are sure that it’s not enough to just teach you to make up dialogues and to tell about yourself.

We will extend the boundaries of language learning for you! We do everything possible to make the process of communicating in a foreign language as realistic as it can be. How do we achieve that?

We have created a special virtual classroom where you will meet people from all over the world who are also interested in learning a foreign language!

Have you ever talked to a Canadian or a Russian? Now you’ll have a great opportunity to find friends from any part of the world, since you’ll be learning together!

You will be able to continue communicating with them after the lessons in our virtual room, in a chat, and on a forum, created specifically for your course. It goes without saying that you will also have a chance to stay in touch with your groupmates in social networks.

Undoubtedly, communicating in a foreign language with your friends will contribute significantly to your success in learning it.

Learn a foreign language with people from all over the world in EliClass!

Global community


Free learning materials!

Global community
We provide all our students with free learning materials. They are chosen by the teacher depending on your aims of language learning. WithEliClass, youwillstudyusingcontemporary textbooks for learning English, German, Spanish, and other languages. In addition, thanks to our virtual classroom it is possible to work with interactive materials during the lessons, such as audio, presentations, and tests, prepared by the teacher or the students themselves!

Regardlessof the age of a student, he or she is always concerned about the homework issue. We’d like to mention that EliClass doesn’t give any obligatory homework if the student wishes so. Nevertheless, it’s apparent that self-study is a significant factor for your success in language learning.

The amount of homework will depend on your preferences and free time; our teachers will be glad to think of something suitable for you!Homeworkmayincludewatching movies in a foreign language, reading articles and news feeds, and listening to audio materials, such as radio broadcasts.

Low prices!


It is rather challenging to findagoodteacherofaforeignlanguage atan affordable price, who will help you to improve your skills significantly and start communicating in a foreign language at ease.

We offer lessons with native speakers and high quality specialists at a low price. It is possible due to that you’ll be studying in a group of like-minded people, who are also interested in learning a foreign language, and not individually, as most tutors work.

As a rule, our groups contain two, four, or six people, and the price for the lesson is shared equally between the students. (Nevertheless, individual work is also available, if that’s the client’s preference.)

On the one hand, it allows us to keep our prices low for you. On the other hand, it gives you an opportunity to get acquainted and keep in touch with people from other countries, who are also engaged in learning the same language as you.

One more advantage of learning a foreign language with EliClass is that all the learning materials are provided free of charge.

In addition, you have a chance to get an appointment with our assistant to evaluate your current language proficiency absolutely for free!

EliClass – learning a foreign language with native speakers at an affordable price!

Low Prices
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