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English with films

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Learning English is simple and fun in EliClass! Here we offer youa unique English course for free! We have gathered a collection of episodes from the most popular films and represented them in the form of interactive lessons. It means that you watch episodes from your favorite movies, cartoons, TV series or documentaries in English, and perform various tasks at the same time. If you make a mistake you can try this task again or look up the correct answer. The interactive lecture is passed when all tasks are complete.

In addition you can practice speaking with other students from this course in one of our video chats. The maximum capacity of every chat is 8 participants. They are open around the clock.


green tick understanding of the spoken language
green tick understanding of idioms and specific phrases
green tick vocabulary
green tick repeat the grammar and spelling

Structure of the course

Listening, 70%

Grammar, 15%

Reading and writing, 15%

Speaking practice with fellow students in the videochat

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